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GIF: Ibrahimovic stares down opponent who dared lay a hand on the Zlat

by Rob Dore | September 9, 2014

The Zlat was taking no guff in Sweden’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Austria. His Royal Awesomeness was lucky not to receive a red after he dealt with the close attentions of Bayern Munich fullback David Alaba with an elbow to the face. After escaping punishment the Zlat then mowed down Pavel Kralovec to test his powers of unbookability. A flash of yellow forced him to change tactics.

Instead of flailing appendages the Zlat simply stared down Rubin Okotie after the Austrian youngster dared to lay hands on the great man. You can’t blame a guy for wanting to touch greatness but greatness isn’t always in the mood for a fondling. Watch as Zlat makes Okotie his bitch with a steely and undoubtedly hypnotising glare.

Technically the game finished 1-1 but the Zlat still found a way to win.



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