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VIDEO: Almost certainly the most insane clip from a rugby match you’ll see today ever

by Aidan Elder | October 4, 2014

Rugby. Students. Alcohol. It’s not a combination renowned for producing elite sporting events, but it does have a not unwarranted reputation for producing moments of insanity that we can all laugh at on the internet.

Like the below clip, taken from the not at all up-it’s-own-arse ‘Clash of the Titans’ showdown between Newcastle University and Northumbria University. For reasons almost certainly fuelled by alcohol and known only to himself, a streaker enters the field of play and rather than to the streaker standard of run across the pitch with a smug grin of accomplishment, he actually tries to get involved, sparking a mass brawl that was completely unnecessary.

Top work from the man in charge of placing the black dot by the way. He or she is the unsung hero of the piece.

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