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VIDEO: Policeman administers swift and amusing justice on irritating Alabama fan

by Aidan Elder | October 5, 2014

Saturday night was a tough one for the Alabama Crimson Tide. The soon to be deposed number one ranked side in college football saw their chances of a national championship pretty much vanish at the hands of an Ole Miss team they were expected to beat quite comfortably.

Things got especially bad for one fan of the Crimson Tide fan who hung around afterwards to look all moody and sombre. Naturally enough, some of the victorious fans goaded him and he took the bait, throwing stuff down at the mocking opposition fans in a particularly futile and pointless gesture. Futile and pointless it may have been, but that wasn’t the view of a local police officer who delivered a swift and highly amusing smackdown on the culprit. Have some of that for having three buttons of your shirt open in October.

Hat tip to the guy standing beside him who we’ll assume is his ‘mate’. As his friend gets hurled to the ground and mounted by the police man – he remains completely uninterested and not arsed about the health of his friend. You might want to re-evaluate the quality of that friendship, throwing stuff guy.

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