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VINE: Here’s a hilarious goalkeeping howler to enjoy from Belgium

by Aidan Elder | October 5, 2014

Yeah, we’ve seen this type of goalkeeping howler thousands of times before, but that doesn’t mean we won’t laugh at it heartily once again.

It’s the classic ‘goalkeeper thinks he has basic footballing skills – is proven drastically wrong to comedic effect’ story. This one comes from the Belgian Pro League where Charleroi slipped to a 2-0 defeat Kortrijk on Saturday. Nicolas Penneteau is the keeper in question and it’s safe to say he won’t be getting a run out in the centre of midfield anytime soon and failing to control a firmly hit, but manageable backpass. Rather harshly, defender Sebastian Dewaest gets ‘credited’ with the goal. ‘Sorry keeper, I shouldn’t have expected you to deal with the tame pass I sent in your direction that didn’t bobble or anything’.

It is more hilarious when they take a big wind up trying to boot a ball down the pitch only to whiff it and watch the backpass trickle into the net, but trying to stop the ball and failing – this is definitely more inept. Tee and hee.

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