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The best of Not Big Sam on the Paddy Power Blog

He's partied at SummerSlam with Woody Allen, escaped the perils of Brazil in the company of Nigel Havers and experienced the horrors of the Bolton Christmas party. The Paddy Power Blog urges you to chew on the cake of wisdom from Not Big Sam's contributions on these pages as we celebrate the manager's 60th birthday...

by Paul Mallon | October 17, 2014

July 2012: Oh, Woody

The night I attended the WWE’s SummerSlam event at Madison Square Garden with my dear friend Woody Allen, and a shy little girl by the name of Soon-Yi. As an aside, Woody introduced Soon-Yi to me as his wife’s daughter that night. He had his hand on her ass as he introduced her as his wife’s daughter, but that wasn’t any of my business then, and it’s none of my business now. All I know is the three of us had the greatest night of our fucking lives. (Original column)

August 2012: Rage against the machine

Rage has its place in football – if I ever meet the guy who stuck up his hand during a meeting at ITV Sport, and said, ‘what about Adrian Chiles?’, he’ll feel the full force of my furious wrath – but at times like this, the soothing hands of self-control will calm even the most wretched, trembling poltroon in the squad. (Original column)

Sir Alex with Not Big Sam

September 2012: Four iron in the soul

Golf is the triumph of tenderness and valour, over brutality and ignorance. I zoomed about the course that day with Sir Alex, my head cocked backwards, the air thick with my laughter. I can still hear those mellifluous sounds in my ears when I close my eyes; the thwack of graphite on plastic, the sweet song of the skylark high above in the trees, the thunderous anger in Sir Alex’s voice as he was on the phone to Halfords. These sounds transport me immediately to a warm, welcoming place where everyone is equal (well, as long as you’re white and male), and spite and vulgarity are left in the clubhouse. (Original column)

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