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Not So Super Mario: Liverpool fans are turning on lazy Balotelli on Twitter

by Rob Dore | October 20, 2014

Despite coming away with a very fortunate 3-2 win against QPR there have been murmurings of discontent amongst Liverpool fans since the final whistle. Although there were few redeeming performances in a red shirt on Sunday it’s Mario Balotelli who has been taking the brunt of the abuse on Twitter.

The Italian missed an open goal and put in yet another seemingly disinterested display. In a team which is supposed to be built upon high energy team-work and pressing the opposition when you don’t have the ball, Mario’s tendency to do things at his own pace and for his own satisfaction is starting to grate on Liverpool fans.

Celebrities and regular joes alike have been piling in with their opinions on Liverpool’s £16m striker who is now being unfavourably compared to Danny Welbeck. How the mighty have fallen.

Ryder Cup hero Lee Westwood takes a swing at Mario

Not Danny Baker’s best work but his point his clear.

Liverpool fan Robin is losing faith…

NBC reporter Roger Bennett finds a fancy of saying Balotelli was a bit shite.

FourFourTom got a little mean…

And then the lads at Footy Humour got even meaner….uncalled for guys.


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