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Video: St Louis Rams score 90-yard TD with the greatest punt fake-out ever

by Rob Dore | October 20, 2014

This video may be hauled down at any moment so watch it while you can. In Sunday’s NFL game between the St Louis Rams and the defending Super Bowl champions the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams’ special teams took centre stage with some game-changing plays.

The best of which is undoubtedly this punt return fake-out which led to a 90-yard touchdown run from Stedman Bailey and a shock 28-26 win for St Louis.

Ater the punt is made the St Louis returning unit all rush to one side of the pitch, leading the Seattle defence to believe that’s where the ball was going to land. No one thought to look skywards and when the ball landed near the far sideline Bailey had a clear field to return the ball for a touchdown.

St Louis special teams we salute you.

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