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Video: Brazilian player bitten by dog then scores winning goal

by Rob Dore | October 28, 2014

The ref could see this dog was a biter. That’s why he was willing to hold up the game until someone with less regard for their own safety or an immunity to rabies came on and removed the offending canine. In the end Sao Paulo-RS’ Eduardo Mandai took matters in to his own hands. Perhaps hoping he might get a friendly licking or partake in a Youtube friendly belly-rub. Instead the unhappy mutt bit the striker, for which he received a rebuking slap on the head as he was deposited on the sidelines.

Mandai then went on to score the winning goal as Sao Paulo beat Farroupilha 2-1, attributing his winner to the “bite of luck”.

Liverpool fans will be smuggling angry pooches into Anfield and releasing them on to the pitch now.

Spotted over on Dirty Tackle


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