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HEY YOU! Our egos REALLY need you to vote for us in the Football Blogging Awards

Good Karma is on the way* if you spend 30 seconds voting for us *Karma not guaranteed.

by Aidan Elder | November 5, 2014


Friends, followers and fans of just voting on stuff even if they don’t fully understand what it’s all about, lend us your ears.
And about 90 seconds of your time.

Much to the surprise of everyone who has ever navigated the spelling mistakes of our blog, last year we claimed the Best Football Gambling Blog Award. It turns out we’ve developed a taste for it and we want to do it again. And not just because we forgot to start asking for vote way sooner, we badly need your help.

Over the last 12 months, we’d like to think we’ve brought you loads and loads of high quality, entertaining yet insightful content. We’re so self-assured in the body of work we’ve served that we don’t feel the need to list it all.

Only joking. Here’s a list:

  • Paul Scholes on England at the World Cup
    (stuff he mentioned in his column even got brought up at England press conferences!!)
  • Joey Barton on pretty much whatever he wants to talk about at any given time
  • Professor Stephen Hawking
    (you read that right – the actual professor – not some guy who can do the robot voice really well)
  • Not Big Sam
  • Graham Hunter on La Liga, European football and being fantastic generally
  • Simon Kuper of the Financial Times and Soccernomics making us feel quite high brow
  • The brilliant Irvine Welsh
  • Stupid Punt – staple of the TalkSport Friday afternoon schedule
  • Are You Smarter Than Andy Gray?
  • The Rainbow Laces campaign
  • Loads and loads of really cool infographics
  • In-depth data analysis pieces no-one else does

Even if you don’t think we brought you loads of high quality, entertaining yet insightful content, we tried our best and still fell short of your high expectations. Stop having such high bloody expectations. We’ll take a sympathy vote by way of apology. We’re not too proud for sympathy votes.


They’ve moved on while we’ll always be here for you.

How to vote

Here’s how to vote. It says nothing about voting across multiple platforms in the rules, so feel free to exploit that loophole repeatedly.

#1 – The FBAs website

You can go to the Football Blogging Awards website and under the Gambling category, click the drop down menu and select ‘Paddy Power’. The clever bastards have done it so you don’t even have to type our name in! We truly are in the second golden age of technology. You don’t even have to bother voting for any of the other categories.


#2 – Twitter

If you’ve got a Twitter account, showing us some love and giving us your vote is really simples.

If you’re logged in to Twitter, you can click on this voting link and it’ll do about 98% of the work for you. The 2% involves you actually clicking ‘Tweet’.

Or alternatively, you can copy and paste this text and tweet it:

I’m voting in @TheFBAs for @paddypower as the Best #Gambling Football Blog

See – simpler than the cast of The Only Way Is Essex.

#3 – Facebook

This Facebook thing is getting pretty big, so naturally, you can vote on that too. It’s pretty easy as well. Go to the Football Blogging Awards voting page do a little scrolly-scroll down to the Best Gambling Blog section, find our name, click on it and then scroll down a wee bit further to the ‘Submit’ button. It’s easier than uploading a picture of your dinner that no-one cares about.


Rest assured, when you need support in an election, X Factor style voting heat or indeed court case, we’d do it for you. Unless you’re name is Justin Bieber – in which case, best of luck with your Prison Wolf.

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