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How one guy pocketed more than £442k on a lazy Sunday evening with the help of a genie

No magic lamp required, just a whole heap of luck

by Josh Powell | November 5, 2014

The Punting Hall of Fame isn’t just reserved for our genius sports punters who are lucky smart enough to click inspired punts such as Barcelona’s loss to Celta Vigo. No, the Punting Hall of Fame is open to legends from all corners of our punting world.

Step forward JD from Northern Ireland who took down the Genie Jackpot on one of Paddy Power’s slot games last weekend, pocketing himself a monster £442k. Not bad for a quiet Sunday in October?

The bean-counters in Games have been running scared this week as we have given away over €1m in Jackpot wins alone in the last 10 days, and our total Jackpot payouts have now passed €3.5m this year. It’s no wonder the Christmas party has been scrapped for a few cans of Scrumpy Jacks and a Tesco value pizza on the local park bench this time around.

The guys in Games caught up with JD to hear more about his winnings, the plans for the cash and what he’s planning to wear to the bank.

So, it’s a Sunday Afternoon, you’re settling down for the evening and you’re having a few spins on Genie Jackpots. All of a sudden, BOOM! You’ve hit the Jackpot. What’s going through your mind?

I couldn’t believe it. It took a few minutes to realise what happened actually. I ran and told my girlfriend ‘I think I just won the jackpot!’ She didn’t believe me, I had to show it to her. It’s amazing, it’s one of those things – you never think you’re going to win the actual jackpot.


Was there a few moments of hard blinking while looking at the screen?

There certainly was! It took a few moments to sink in. I took a screenshot and everything just incase. The coins were just falling and the amount rising – that’s when I ran to tell my girlfriend.

Have you got any plans for the winnings?

It’s been a roller-coaster few days, but having had time to look at things, I can clear the mortgage off and a few loans. It’s a great feeling now to be able to clear off those things – I’m sure I’ll have a good chat with the bank manager this week too.

Apart from Paddy Power Games – what else tickles your fancy onsite?

I like to play a bit across the site. I play with Sportsbook for the Horses and also a bit of Bingo. I enjoy the side games on these channels too. I like slots, but wouldn’t necessarily focus on Jackpots only, but after this one, I might look at them more closely.

Most important question – What will you wear to the bank?

Let’s just say I’m more of a casual man than suit guy!

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