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Twitter is unhappy with Brendan Rodgers after Chelsea defeat

by Rob Dore | November 8, 2014

It’s difficult to say that the responses on Twitter are a fair reflection of the true sentiment of Liverpool fans towards their manager Brendan Rodgers. Largely because of that old idiom about empty vessels, of which the Twitter-verse is choc full.

That being said after coming close to landing a first Premier League crown last season, to be sitting fifteen points off the top of the table after just fourteen games won’t be a pleasing reality for anyone associated with the Anfield club.

Struggling in all areas of the pitch and with the raft of summer signings yet to produce a polished gem, questions are being asked. Rodgers is unlikely to be anywhere near getting the chop but if he can’t figure out how to start scoring more goals and winning more games Liverpool’s Champions League return may be a one off thing.

Here are some of the more eloquent, less profanity laced, responses to Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to Chelsea at Anfield today.

Pro-Liverpool journalist is unable to find a legitimate complaint for the result..

A purpose created Twitter account wants Rodgers out already…

A similar sentiment delivered with a little more humour…

A flash of wit, or as near as you’re liable to get from your average Twitterer…

A sobering stat…

That zonal marking…

Should Reds fans have expected anything else?

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