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Andy Gray: If England don’t win this group by a distance there’ll be some questions asked

England couldn't have asked for an easier Euro 2016 qualifying group and should notch another win against Slovenia at Wembley this Saturday

by Andy Gray | November 14, 2014

England had a fantastic result away in Switzerland when they beat them 2-0 away but that’s been the highlight for England so far.

This group could not have been more gift-wrapped for England had UEFA tried. There are no teams anywhere near England in stature and quality in this group. Even the Swiss. I can’t understand how they can be ranked in the top 10 when they’ve achieved absolutely nothing in football, but it’s the way of the UEFA rankings. It’s just crazy.

England (3/10) have played three and haven’t conceded a goal yet, that tells you all you need to know about the quality of the teams in this group. And even though they are playing, according to the group table, their closest rivals in Slovenia (10/1) at the moment they still shouldn’t have any problems.

England v Slovenia: MBS

Of course I do see England encountering problems if they don’t play well, they’re not that good at the moment. They’re okay but they’re not great.

Slovenia have beaten Switzerland, albeit at home, so you have to respect that, but England should have far too much for them. It might be tough, they might win 1-0 at 4/1 or 2-0 at 9/2, but England are going to qualify out of this group regardless. It’s only a matter of how many points they’re ahead of the second placed team.

If Roy Hodgson and England don’t win this group by a distance there’ll be some questions asked. But I think they will win this game and this group without a problem.


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