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Andy Gray: I’m disappointed in Gordon McQueen’s comments on Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy

Football pundit Andy Gray responds to the attack on the Irish players - but says he doesn't care how Scotland play tonight, as long as they win...

by Andy Gray | November 14, 2014

Gordon McQueen has said he hopes Aiden McGeady and James McCarthy are booed at Hampden Park tonight when Ireland take on Scotland (19.45). This issue is old hat. I used to feel quite strongly about it – 10 years ago.

When you have Diego Costa, born in Brazil choosing to play for Spain. When you have Deco choosing to play for Portugal after being born in Brazil. When you have players from around the world not playing for the country of their birth you have to accept it and get on with it.

If somebody born in England to Scottish parents, turns out to be a fantastic footballer and is eligible to play for both – and chooses to play for Scotland – I will support him as much as anybody.

I know Gordon very well and I’m a wee bit disappointed in him. I’m actually surprised at the strength of the comments he voiced.

McQueen said: “I hope they get a horrible reception because they deserve it. I’ve got no time for these players.”

I’d love to have Aidan and James in the Scottish squad, but they have made a decision. We should respect this and get on with it. Look at those who play rugby and cricket for England who were not born in that country. If the Scottish fans are going to give them a bit of stick so what? Players are used to it, whether club or country. To call for fans to boo every touch – don’t go down that line.

I hope these boys have a successful season, but come below us in the table, obviously.


We thought when Group D was drawn in these European Championship qualifiers that Germany would be the class act. They might still top the table after 10 games. But this group has so far shown how scoring goals is important, and every game counts.

Ireland set a marker by scoring seven against Gibraltar. What’s impressed me about Ireland is they’ve gone away from home twice already in three games, and are still unbeaten, one of which was the draw against Germany. Ireland are tough to beat, and Scotland have had trouble at home.

Scotland (6/4) are rightly favourites because we’re at home. We’ve got terrific pace in the side and can hurt on the counter attack. But there’s not a lot between the sides.

We only beat Georgia by a scruffy goal. We do need goals against Ireland. Our goal difference is zero. Ireland are plus eight, while Poland are plus nine and top the table.

I don’t care what the score is tonight, as long as Scotland win. I don’t care how we play – as long as we get three points.

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