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Childish? Yes. Silly? Yes. Here’s Brendan Rodgers doing the David Brent dance…

by Paul Mallon | November 23, 2014

Jumping on the bandwagon to slag off Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers is a reactionary and somewhat childish position to take.

We’re all over it.

We could watch this all night. And, in the absence of Love/Hate, we might.

On Sunday evening, after a 3-1 defeat at Crystal Palace, Liverpool lie a distant 12th in the Premier League table, with six defeats from 12 games.

A few weeks back, Irvine Welsh quipped that Rodgers would be next to go in the sack race. The Trainspotting author was taking the piss then, of course. But will Rodgers be out of a job before the end of the season?



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