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The best thing on tablet since Moses was a lad

by Aidan Elder | November 23, 2014

The iPad is great. Right up until the moment when you realised you’ve watched all of Breaking Bad on Netflix and realised the new series of Arrested Development is a bigger flop than Hugh Hefner when someone has hidden all his Viagra.

After that, it can get a bit ‘meh’. Kind of like an iPhone except not as handy. And harder to fit in your pocket. Unless you’re MC Hammer.

UPDATE: The Paddy Power iPad app has won three awards at the Appys 2014. The Paddy Power iPad App beat strong competition to be crowned Grand Prix winner of The Appys 2014, and earlier in the night took the ‘best sports app’ and ‘best tablet app’ honours.

“The Grand Prix was awarded to the Paddy Power iPad App because the judges felt its design, functionality and the thought that went into its development raises the bar in terms of app development,” said Des Doris, event organiser.

This time last year, we asked some of our finest tech nerds to come up with a betting app that took advantage of all the excellent things you can do on an iPad and they stopped laughing at each other’s ‘hilarious’ Christmas jumpers long enough to deliver.

The app is brilliant because it’s been designed specifically for the iPad, meaning it’s not just a blown-up iPhone app that happens to work on iPad but looks kinda crap and has loads of fiddly performance bugs. There are numerous other reasons as to why it’s great, but if we had limited time and space to convince you of the benefits, we’d highlight the:

  • Beautiful, gesture-based user experience
    (yeah, it sounds a bit up ourselves, but it genuinely is)
  • Speed of bet placement
    (handy for when Manchester United start to have one of their sudden mid-game meltdowns)
  • Clean and logical navigation
    (Slightly fancy tech-speak for the words ‘easy to use’)

Plus it just looks great and it’s really smooth. Kind of like George Clooney if he was an iPad app. *Swoon* Look at how slick it looks. (Ignore the Andy Carroll to score bet, that’s just silly).

If that’s not enough selling it to you, there’s a whole load of more additions coming to it in the not too distant future – once party season is over and the tech lads have calmed down from the excitement of being in the same room as actual real-life women.

We can’t go into details because it’s an industry secret and if we told you we’d have to call around to your house late at night and intimidate you into keeping schtum (or begging you to say nothing). But rest assured, it’s good. And we’re not just saying that in that insincere ‘everything we do is great and you should love us’ way other companies do. If it wasn’t good, we’d tell you and take the piss out of it even more than you.

Right now, we have updated the betting-in-running pages and match centre for football, like so…

Paddy Power iPad match centre

Essentially, all your statistical eye candy and betting information is on the same page. (Don’t mind that ‘Tottenham dangerous attack’ line. It’s a glitch and doesn’t happen often in-play).

So, what we’d like from you – and we’ll be honest about this – is to try it out. Head over to the App Store, download it (for the princely sum of FREE) and play around with it. We think you’ll like it, but if you don’t you can either tell us what’s wrong with it or delete it and carry on living your life. Neither should be too taxing.

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