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What the hell is wrong with Robin van Persie?

Taxi for the Dutch striker...

by Paul Mallon | November 23, 2014

Robin van Persie got 12 touches during Manchester United’s 2-1 win at Arsenal on Saturday evening.

Below, the folks from Who Scored have mapped out what that looked like.

Robin van Persie against Arsenal

One of those RVP touches was from kick-off. Three were corners. RVP was shooting right-to-left so two were clearances in his own box and he managed just one touch in the opposition area.

In context, your average pitch invader gets more ball time.

During the World Cup, the Paddy Power Blog asked Paul Scholes what he thought of RVP’s header against Spain (below).

Scholes told us: ‘It was alright, really. I don’t know what all the fuss was about.’

Understatement, perhaps. But it’s hard to reconcile that FIFA Puskas Award nominated goal with the rigid, lethargic RVP this season.

Maybe RVP just needs a rest. But he will never secure that move to Real Madrid playing like this.

Twitter, that last bastion of taste, reasonable comment and rational discussion is not happy either.

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