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Hey you! Here's your chance to fulfill a lifelong ambition (if that lifelong ambition was to win a €/£100 Free Bet for knowing about sports stuff)

by Aidan Elder | December 23, 2014

****************THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED*****************

Ho ho … how the f*ck are we still doing crap Christmas puns when we’re already well into January?

As part of our Christmas attempts to get you to love us, we ran a bumper competition to give away 500 quid worth of free bets.

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part. The response was huge and may just be enough to bring back our semi-legendary blog competitions on a more regular basis. Second of all, IT WASN’T RONNIE O’SULLIVAN!! Yes, it does look more like him than I first realised, but it wasn’t.

To put you out of your misery, the answers were (from left to right):

Nicky Henderson, Alistair Cook, Caroline Wozniacki, Daniel Sturridge

It was tough, so if you got two or three out of four, you really didn’t too badly – it’s that other people did less badly than you and got all four right. Other, slightly less accomplished guesses included ‘Some Bird’ and one guess of ‘Luis Suarez, Kevin Pietersen, Davy Russell and Michael Schumacher’ – a bold bid that bravely ignores the fact our line-up featured both a woman and a man who is quite clearly black.

There were way more answers with all four right than we had anticipated so a lot of names had to go into my hat of quiz-concluding mystery to find out the five people who combined exquisite sporting knowledge with the total jamminess to have their name drawn at random out of a hat.

The lucky five names pulled at random belong to:

  • Jamie Ross
  • Chris Shaw
  • Ian Ryder
  • Joseph Champion
  • Amanda Boyle

Congratulations you guys and congratulations if you got four out of four but didn’t manage to have the requisite luck to win a prize. Indeed, congratulations to everyone. You have reached the top of the food chain and have achieved a cognitive ability that surpasses anything else in the known universe. Even if one of your guesses was Geri Haliwell.

Talk soon <3


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! It’s that time of the year when we want to thank our customers for being so great, beautiful, intelligent, loyal and totally immune to any type of shameless flattery. It’s not because the Christmas party season has kicked in and we’re trying to hide our hungover state by looking busy and taking on a task that doesn’t require a whole lot of brainpower.

We were just going through the photos on our camera phone following our massive and very exclusive celebrity fancy dress Christmas Party here at Power Power. Sadly our memories of the night are a bit … hazy. Nigel Clough brought his home-made Stilton flavoured LSD and the last thing we remember was Nigel, naked except for a strategically placed League Cup winners’ medal, standing on the shoulders of the 50 foot ice sculpture we had made of Olivier Giroud shouting “BOW TO ONE TRUE KING OF THE ZENITH DATA SYSTEMS CUP!”.

We found this photo and we need to know who is in it. Can you help us? We’ll make it worth your while. There’s €/£500 in free bets to be won. We’ll split that up into five prizes of €/£100 just so we can spread the Christmas love a bit more.


There is a clue – the four people had 2014 that they probably want to forget. Not disastrous in the sense of career-ending calamity, but for professional or personal reasons, they’ll all be glad to see the back of 2014 and hope for a better 2015.

Each person represents a different sport, so if your guess features two people from one sport, you’re doing it wrong. It’s meant to test a wide-ranging knowledge of sport so if you really got into studying Competitive Cheese-rolling this year, then you may be a bit too specialised. There’s a maximum of one Competitive Cheeseroller in the line-up, possibly none.

Send your answer in to with the subject line ‘It’s about bloody time you thanked me’. Please include your username. We just need to know you have an account and that’s the easiest way to do it.

You’re allowed to have more than one guess, but please note that your most recent guess will count as your answer. If for example you guess ‘Tammy Wynette’ for one of the guesses and then later switch it to ‘Dolly Parton’ and the correct answer is actually Tammy Wynette, then your Dolly Parton answer will count. Soz. Please also note that neither Tammy Wynette or Dolly Parton are an answer to this competition. Closing date for this competition will be Tuesday January 6 2015 at 23.59. I’ll announce the winners the next day most likely.

So in short:

  • Answers to
  • Four sportspeople from four different sports
  • You’re allowed more than one guess, but your most recent guess counts
  • Closing date is midnight on Tuesday January 6

If we happen to have more than five correct answers, the five winners will be drawn at random.

Here’s some conditiony things, just because it’s a requirement, not because it’s a fiendish trick:
– Customers must be over the age of 18, have a valid account and remember the time when Home Alone was found in the ‘new releases’ section on your local VHS rental shop.
– Maximum size of each free bet will be €/£100.
– Paddy Power decision is final and moaning will be gleefully ridiculed in public.

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