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When the fun stops, stop

Paddy Power supports a new industry campaign to drive home the message that gambling should stay fun, just the way we like it!

by Paul Mallon | January 2, 2015

As a company, Paddy Power likes to have a laugh. This may be about as much news to people as the fact that Donald Sterling is a dick.

But even though we mess around with Daft Punks in Lucky Pants or pretend to carve silly messages into the Amazon we take our gambling responsibilities seriously. So, from the start of 2015, along with the other leading betting companies in Britain, Paddy Power will carry a bold new message – ‘When the fun stops, stop’ – across advertising in TV, print, sites, and betting shop windows.

That’s about 6,500 shop windows, and up to £7.5m worth of TV and print support for our responsible gambling message which are part of a campaign led by the Senet Group, a new independent watchdog set up by William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Paddy Power to promote standards in responsible gaming.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the potential risks of gambling and the benefits of staying in control. will also feature more prominently as a source of advice for those who may have concerns about their gambling.

In addition, the bookies involved in Senet agreed to a voluntary ban on advertising sign-up offers (free bets and free money) pre-9pm, removing gaming machine advertising from shop windows, and committing 20% of shop window advertising to responsible gambling messages until further notice.

The Senet Group will be able to “name and shame” or impose fines on member companies that fail to carry responsible gambling messages in their advertising, or who breach industry codes of practice aimed at preventing problem gambling.

Ron Finlay, Chief Executive of the Senet Group said: “Gambling companies provide fun and entertainment for huge numbers of people. But if you’re spending more than you can afford, it can lead to stress, anger, guilt and other problems. When gambling stops feeling like fun, it’s time to call it quits.”

While the Senet Group is a new step for Paddy Power, we have, of course, a number of existing measures in place. This includes a dedicated Responsible Gaming website which offers:

  • Advice and steps on how to limit your Paddy Power account;
  • Tools for self-assessment and a budget calculator;
  • A guide to how gambling works;
  • How Paddy Power protects minors.

Here are four simple tips to keep gambling fun…

  • Never bet what you can’t afford;
  • Never chase your losses;
  • Never bet if you’re getting angry;
  • Never put betting before your mates.

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