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Punting Hall of Fame: One lucky punter gets 2015 off to the perfect start, by pocketing a £230k Jackpot!

One cheeky spin on our Deal or No Deal game changed one lad's life - and he still went into work. Find out the full story here...

by Josh Powell | January 7, 2015

‘Now, let’s all hold hands and use the spiritual energy in this abandoned TV studio to ensure that this box has a blue number inside.’

Noel Edmonds’ hit game show might verge on the simply insane from time to time, but one punter who took a spin on our Deal or No Deal Jackpot game certainly isn’t complaining. Step forward our latest Punting Hall of Fame entrant, SR from Livingston. He took down the fearless Deal or No Deal Jackpot to pocket a whopping £230k, ensuring he started the New Year in style – and incredibly still showed up for work after winning.

SR is planning on splashing the cash on a trip down under with his girlfriend, and he’s bringing his parents as well. What a gent.

Our man in Games is busy trying to avoid a P45 after this win, coupled with another £442k winner in November, but he did make time to catch up SR and find out how he reacted after scooping the loot.

So, it’s just another Tuesday afternoon, you’re getting ready to head off to work but decide to have a few cheeky spins, then BOOM! You’ve only gone and won the Jackpot. What do you do?

First thoughts – Is this for real?! I was in shock. It was about 12.30pm in the afternoon and I was due in work in about 45 minutes, so I just had a few spins on the game as I had £10 in my account. I don’t normally play slots that much but I saw Deal or No Deal Jackpot, and as I know the show I figured I’d understand it easily. All of a sudden it started going up, £100, £1,000 and it kept going as I kept picking the boxes……Then Box 5…..I had won the Jackpot – £230k!

Cue chaos. My Nan was in the house putting up curtains and I ran up to her shouting I had won the Jackpot. I don’t think she believed me or she thought I was having her on. I ran into my Granddad shouting about a Jackpot and he casually said he’d believe it when he sees it. I took a screenshot and debated whether I needed to go to work or not at all.


Brilliant! Did you go into work in the end (Pretend your boss isn’t reading)?

I actually did – and on time too. I decided to drive into work – just incase I had imagined the whole thing. I was shaking going in. I told a few lads in there ‘You won’t believe what happened’, then I got the call from Paddy Power and I knew I hadn’t imagined it. What a feeling. You never think when playing Jackpot games that you have a chance of winning the big jackpot, but here I am, and I did.

Have you got any big plans for the winnings?

Well before the win, myself and my girlfriend had already booked and paid for a trip to Australia. We had skimped on flights – I think we had four stop overs. But now, I’ve upgraded the flights to first class with just the one stop over. The winnings mean we don’t have to worry financially and we will get to see all the things we wanted to when over there without counting the pennies. I also gave my grandparents money and my parents too. I’ve also been the good son and paid for my folks to come over to Australia and visit us later in the year. It’s just great to be able to do something and give something back to those close to me. The rest is tucked away in savings – for the long-term.

Apart from Paddy Power Games – what else tickles your fancy onsite?

I’m the average punter I think – I play my weekend accumulators and a few football bets for Champions League, and the big games. I dabble in Slots and Jackpots – especially now I know they can be won. A bit of Side Games for Blackjack and Roulette, but I try to stick to what I know.

As always we must ask, what did you wear to the bank?

I went to visit the bank manager when the money hit the account with my mother the other week. I went in jeans and a t-shirt – don’t let money change you I say.

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