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No WIFI? Can’t place your “banker” acca? Fear not Paddy Power text betting has you covered

Isn't the magic of technology wonderful? And this is so much better than trying to Snapchat dirty pictures to your mates...

by Josh Powell | February 2, 2015


On top of all the other cool things you can do with your mobile phone listed below you can now also keep a track of your horses. You send us a text with the word “FOLLOW” and the name of the horse and you’ll receive a text at 11am the day of their race, e.g. “FOLLOW VAUTOUR”.

So if you’ve been keep an eye on an up-and-comer or you don’t want to miss the next time your favourite star gets a run out this is the feature for you. Send the text to 51465 and get on with your life. Whenever your horse runs we’ll text you to let you know.

Did you know that text messages can be used for more than lying about being sick to your boss without having to put on a fake sick voice? Or sending naked pictures of yourself to, well, whoever?

That’s right text messages can be used to share information with friends, wish your mum happy birthday, send naked pictures of yourself to whoever AND now you can even place bets with Paddy Power with a simple text message.

Text Blog SS2

  • To place a text bet, simply send your stake & selection to 51465
  • To place £10 win on Sprinter Sacre to win, send 10 Sprinter Sacre
  • To place £10 on Rooney to score first, send 10 Rooney first goalscorer
  • To place £10 on both teams to score in Chelsea v Man U, send 10 BTTS Chelsea
  • To place a double on Liverpool & Man U, send 10 Liverpool Man Utd

We’ll text you back confirmation of your bet and if your bet is a winner, we’ll text you to let you know the good news. Woohoo.

You can use your normal Paddy Power username for Text Betting, but don’t forget to include it for your first text bet so we know who you are. After that, there’ll be no need to text anything other than your bet details. It’s that simple. However don’t forget that standard network rates apply and we don’t want any naughty pictures. Cheers.

Don’t worry if you need to top up your PP account either – Just text your bet and we’ll call you to confirm your CV2 number.


What else can you do by text?

  1. Place Any Bet on Any Event
    You can place any bet on any market on any event. See the examples above or for a full list of keys and abbreviations that will make your life easier, click here!
  2. Track Your Horse
    Text ‘FOLLOW’ and the name of your horse to get a text update at 11am the day of their race, e.g. “FOLLOW VAUTOUR”
  3. Check Odds
    Text ‘Odds’ and whatever you’re trying to find to 51465, eg. ‘Odds Rooney First Goalscorer’
  4. Make Deposits
    Need to make a deposit to your account? Simply text ‘deposit’ and your stake to 51465, eg. ‘Deposit 50’
  5. Check Your Balance
    To get your balance all you have to do is text the word ‘Balance’ and we’ll text you back
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