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Is the Eurozone about to become Greece-proof?

It looks like another Simpsons prediction has come to pass yet again...

by David Lyons | February 5, 2015

Just like the Simpsons predicted, Europe are putting Greece on eBay.

Ok, not really, but today the odds have been slashed on Greece leaving the Euro.

The ECB stated that it will no longer accept Greek bonds as collateral for lending money to commercial banks. Basically, chocolate coins might stand a better chance.

We make it 3/1 for the indebted state to leave the Euro, while the odds on Greece holding another general election in 2015 are 9/4. Isn’t it ironic how they gave us mathematics, yet somehow managed to bankrupt themselves?

Elsewhere, Paddy Power are offering 6/4 for the Dollar to hit parity with the Euro before the end of this year.

Less like Troy Story, and more like the battle of Thermopylae, the Greeks are so cornered and under pressure from the ECB it could lead to Syriza backtracking on their commitment to keep Greece in the Eurozone.

“Spartans, what is your profession…”

“Well umm… a bit unemployed if we’re to be honest…”

Greece Specials

  • 9/4         Greece to hold another general election in 2015
  • 7/2         European Commission to confirm that Greece has ‘defaulted’ on debt in 2015
  • 3/1         Greece to leave the Euro before the end of 2018

Euro/US Dollar Parity

  • 6/4         To reach parity by the end of 2015
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