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Punting Hall of Fame: Lightning strikes twice as one lucky slots customer scoops £287k

Not one, but two jackpots in the space of a handful of weeks for this lucky lucky punter

by David Lyons | February 11, 2015

They say lightning rarely strikes twice. Well try telling that to HC from East Midlands, a lucky Paddy Power Games punter who, this month, found out that it actually can strike twice, and did so – to the tune of £287k.

It’s been a hectic start to 2015 for the folks over in Games. The jackpots are going off like fireworks at a Mario Balotelli house party and it has the Power Tower bean counters sweating. So far this year in jackpot slot games alone, they have given away over a whopping £800k to lucky customers in cold hard cash.

HC’s story is one of disbelief really. This customer was new to Paddy Power Games having only joined in January 2015 and instantly started chasing some jackpot wins. Within a matter of days, HC landed £287k on our Exclusive to Paddy Power Jackpot GameSinbad’s Gold. What is even more incredible was the fact that HC had just won a Jackpot with another operator (boooo) mere weeks ago. Lightning strikes twice indeed.

HC has also warned our guy in Games that she has noticed that Genie Jackpots is tipping past £450k – Lucky Number 3?

Our guy in Games caught up with HC to have a chat about her latest win, her previous win, just how she is so lucky, this weekend’s Lotto numbers, what made her come to Paddy Power Games and how it pays to read the Blog…


Well HC, what a few weeks you have had! First off welcome to Paddy Power Games! Two Jackpot wins within weeks of each other! You must be pinching yourself are you?

Thank you! And what a Welcome Bonus you guys give, haha! Honestly, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had only joined a few weeks previously and started playing your Jackpot games. I was with a previous operator when I won the other Jackpot but I wasn’t happy with their customer service and a few other things, so I decided to sign up with Paddy Power as I had heard a lot about your level of service. It’s been fantastic in all honesty and I’ve made the right decision.

You’re making us blush. What was the reaction like when the win came through?

Absolute shock. Disbelief. When your team rang me to confirm the amount I thought it was a wind up. It took me a few minutes to fully realise I had just won another Jackpot. Honestly, I cried. I knew I was set up really. I thought it was a once off kind of thing that happens – you win a jackpot, you tell the grandkids. But to still be getting over the last win, and then go win another one – amazing.

Are you generally a lucky person? You wouldn’t by any chance have the weekend’s Lotto numbers would you?

Sometimes I am lucky, but never to this level. I don’t play the lotto, but maybe I might start!

What are the plans for the winnings?

Well, I have been able to give some money to my folks and my brother which was great. It’s great being able to give them back something. I have also begun to buy my very first house and that’s an amazing feeling. Then I have arranged for the rest to be put into long term savings accounts. Being smart with the money is the best option.

I noticed you like to play Exclusive Paddy Power Slot Games – is there any specific reason to this or do you play well known games too?

I like playing the well-known games such as Genie Jackpots, but I do like playing games that look fun and can’t be found anywhere else. This was one of the reasons I started playing Sinbad’s Gold. That, and it was a Jackpot game. It’s a nice feeling when you have such a wide selection as Paddy Power Games – well known classics, new titles and also a selection of exclusive games. I don’t really play Card & Table games that much, I prefer to stick to slot games and in particular Jackpot Games – given my track record.

Any particular Jackpot game that you have your eye on?

Well, I did actually notice on a previous Blog post from you guys that the last time the Genie Jackpots dropped it was around the £440k mark. That is one of my favourite games & I have noticed that it is around this figure again. Let’s just say, lightening could strike 3 times – Paddy Power be warned!

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