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Vine: Alexander Shlemenko stops Melvin Manhoef with a spinning back-fist

by Rob Dore | February 15, 2015

Often tried but rarely landed is the spinning back-fist. Mostly used as a late hail-mary when all else has failed or to keep your opponent off kilter, a la Conor McGregor.

When they do land, spinning techniques can carry devastating power, as Melvin Manhoef found to his chagrin at Bellator 133 in California. Despite not being the cleanest of shots from Shlemenko, who is rather fond of spinning techniques, it carried enough power to stun Manhoef and bring about the end of the fight.

Former middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko continued his return to winning ways after losing to the almost comically bigger Tito Ortiz at light heavyweight, before dropping back down to middleweight where he lost his title to Brandon Hasley.

This win over Manhoef, particularly the manner with which he secured it, should see Shlemenko close to getting a crack at regaining the middleweight belt.

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