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GIF: The new and improved way to drive your balls

Golf game feeling slack? Driving range just not doing it for you? Well have we got the clip for you!

by David Lyons | February 25, 2015

Generally when I’m out on the course with my caddy I’ll ask his advice.

You think a six iron will get me there?

Yeah. *Eventually*

Okay so clearly my golf game is pretty much like my love life – all lip and no hole, but after watching this I’ve got the urge to hit the driving range.

After this serious Happy Gilmore effort, you’d be left with nothing more than to just tap it in… just tap it in.

I just found some Paddy Power golf balls around the office… I know what I’m doing for the afternoon! I text my chauffeur there and we’re off. Someone’s gotta drive these balls.


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