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Hey Chelsea fans! Prove you’re not prejudiced at the Capital One Cup final

Paddy Power takes a stand at Wembley

by Paddy Power | March 1, 2015

Chelsea fans were invited to ‘prove they’re not prejudiced’ before today’s Capital One Cup final – by having their photo taken with a Sikh, a Muslim woman in a burka, a black man and a woman in a wheelchair.

The diversity-laden Kodak moment was designed to give the majority of Chelsea fans the chance to show that they don’t have an irresistible urge to racially abuse a black man when they see one – and to encourage fellow fans to ‘prove they’re not prejudiced’.


The bookie’s move follows recent events involving Chelsea and West Ham fans and the introduction of the ‘shop a yob’ phoneline, inviting supporters to report any racist abuse they witness during today’s final.

It wasn’t an entirely risk free process with our man on the ground showing the sort of resolve normally reserved for Aston Villa’s back four before the photo shoot began.

I must confess I was a little nervous. I didn’t fancy taking on thousands of Chelsea fans singlehandedly if they didn’t see the funny side if this. I did have a game plan though. If it kicked off I would hide behind the lady in the burka. If that failed, I had my trainers on.

The fans were in a terrific mood and the queue to get photos taken was much bigger than the queue for the neighbouring burger van. We’d have more photos but the natural reaction of almost all Chelsea fans want to do a wanker sign at the camera. We would never print such lewd pictures on a fine blog like ours.

In fact, we only had two issues. Firstly, Chelsea fans were a little over amorous with our burka clad lady (she did have beautiful eyes). The other issue was the elements. The wind kept on blowing our stand to bits. Maybe God doesn’t like diversity.


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Paddy Power, spokesperson for the bookmaker, said:

It’s not exactly Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom but more a case of every little helps. I’ve certainly not got a problem with Chelsea fans. Some of my best friends are Chelsea fans.

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