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Punting Hall of Fame: Punter banks £106k on the footie but narrowly misses out on millionaire status

A second big winner in a week has Paddy on the ropes but it could have been much, much worse ...

by Sean Goff | March 1, 2015

West Brom’s Said Berahino goal in the opening two minutes gave his side a precious three points against Southampton – and saved Paddy from a monster £1.4 million payout.

A bank-busting 14 x £1 thirteenfolds (cost £14) was placed by a cheeky scally from Liverpool who then sat back and watched as 13 of his 14 teams (below) did the business in the 3pm kick offs.

But his £106,447 for two hours work on a Saturday afternoon return wasn’t without drama.


Three of his four correct predictions in the Premier League ended in just one-goal winning margins (Swansea, Newcastle, Stoke).

While Manchester United needed a 66th minute Wayne Rooney penalty – and Roger East’s dodgy eyesight – to kick start their 2-0 win at home to Sunderland.


And if our pal’s heart wasn’t already banging away like Douglas Strauss-Kahn at an “invite only party” the Championship results were about to crank it up a notch.

Three more 1-0 victories (Birmingham, Bolton and Wolves) were added while he also correctly forecast that league leaders Derby would fold at Fulham.

But it was Watford’s fightback from 2-0 down after 20 minutes to beat Leeds 3-2 that kept the wheels on the bus for the six-figure payout – in the time it takes to watch Fifty Shade of Grey.

Cheltenham NRNB 1430

Well done to you sir!

Your picture gets pride of place in our ever expanding Punting Hall of Fame and left Paddy staring down the barrel of a second whopper payout after one Irish punter had his pants down for €206k midweek.

And Cheltenham’s just around the corner. Gulp!

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