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Punting Hall of Fame: This lucky punter won £588k from just £2 – he’s perfectly set up for Cheltenham now

When you wish for big Jackpot wins, the Genie makes it rain!

by David Lyons | March 10, 2015

Well that certainly is the case for another lucky customer in Games! DW from Middlesex scooped a MONSTER jackpot of £588k today from a £2 spin on the ever popular slot game Genie Jackpots.

Continuing on from our big news last month about HC from Derby £287k on our exclusive jackpot slot game, Games have only gone and let another jackpot off! The Genie Jackpot was filling up, and we had predicted last month it was going to go off soon, but we didn’t expect it to reach £588k so fast!

So far in 2015, Games have given away a monstrous £1.4m in cash with jackpot wins alone. Talk about making poor Paddy sweat!

As is custom, our own Oprah in Games caught up with DW to see how he is after the win, what his plans are for the win and with the week that’s in it – any tips for Cheltenham?


Well DW, what a day you have had! How is the heart rate now after you’ve had time to let the win settle in?

Unbelievable! I’ve had an unbelievable morning! From screaming around the house, to my wife thinking I was having a fit, to finally getting some shut eye – it’s been a rollercoaster!

£588k on Genie Jackpots! What was going through your mind when it went off?

Honestly, I first thought it was £500! I was playing on my phone after work just passing a few hours, when I got into a bonus round. I was just pressing a few buttons, but the amount kept going up…….then £588k! I initially thought it said £588 and I thought that wasn’t bad from a £2 spin! But then it dawned on me. Cue absolute mayhem! My wife ran in as I was screaming and shouting and she thought I might be having a fit! After I calmed down she started to get excited too! I didn’t think it was real, or that maybe my phone was acting up! But then it was in my balance and got chatting to you guys, and then I knew it was actually happening!

That’s fantastic! How did you feel when it dawned on you?

It’s a mad feeling, a weird sensation! Like at the time your adrenalin just takes over and we didn’t sleep a wink last night! We were up talking about what we could do with the money etc. I didn’t want to believe it until the money is in the bank! It’s like you dream of winning the lotto and all you could do with it……but until it happens it’s hard to know how you’ll react! If I had to compare it to something, it would be like my 1st sexual experience! I imagined it for ages, then it happened, and I was like ‘Alright that was pretty good, albeit short lived”. It’s an odd analogy but it’s been a hectic morning! My brain is knackered!

OK, that kind of makes sense, I think. Would you think of yourself as a lucky person?

No, not at all. Honestly I’ve never won anything in my life. The only time I’m lucky is with my wife! But I’ve never won any competitions or anything.

Right, I guess these wins do tend to get people hot and bothered alright! What are your plans for the winnings?

What a feeling this part was – planning for the money. We are going to clear our mortgage, that’s the 1st thing. We had a large mortgage so it’s great to be able to clear that! Then I will give money to my family – my sister, my parents, my in-laws. We also have a bit of work we’d like to get done to the house so I’ll do that aswel. Then a cheeky holiday with the wife.

Brilliant stuff! It’s always great to hear such positive things being done with the money! So would you tend to play slots mainly? Have you tried the exclusive slots at all?

Yes, I like slots and I also bet on football and the horses a bit. I tend to stick with the slots I know how to play, but I have dabbled with the exclusive section a bit. If I find a game I like, I play that.

Would you get involved in promotions much? 

Yeah, I tend to get involved with onsite promotions a good bit. I like the fact you can win cash back, free bets or even trips away like the Monaco promotion you had on. It gives the customer an opportunity to get free bets and prizes for our custom and I like that.

How would you sum up how you’re feeling?

Blessed. I feel very lucky right now. I’ve got the result I’ve always dreamed of and you have made one customer extremely happy.

Thank you DW, you are more than welcome! That’s what we aim to do! Finally, with the week that’s in it, any tips for Cheltenham?

I’m going with an AP McCoy treble on the 1st day, after that, it’s anyone’s guess!

I agree with you there! DW, many thanks for your time today you have been great to chat to! We wish you all the best of luck in the world and hope you enjoy your winnings!

If you think you could be next, head over to Paddy Power Games and check out our Jackpot Slot games! Cleopatra Mega Jackpots is at over £1m! 1 Spin could change your life……just ask DW.

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