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Brendan Rodgers’ finishing skills are putting the Reds on course for a top four finish

by Rob Dore | March 15, 2015

If Liverpool had finished off last season slightly better they would currently be in the process of relinquishing the Premier League title to Chelsea.

Instead they’ve been playing catch-up after a dreadful first half of the season. Luckily for Reds fans Brendan Rodgers is developing a knack for having a great second half of the season. (For the sake of this piece I’m counting January 1st as the half-way point.)

In fact since he arrived at Anfield at the start of the 2012/13 season no team has picked up more points between January and the end of the season than Liverpool.

Over the last three seasons, including the current season, Liverpool have won 31, drawn 11 and lost just 4 of the league games they’ve played in the second half of the season. That’s a total of 104 points from 46 games. Giving Rodgers a second-half of the season average, or SHOSA if you fancy being a lazy douchebag, of 2.26 points per game.


Surprisingly it’s not one of the more recent Premier League winners who takes the second spot. Arsenal, who have had to make more than their fair share of late charges for a top four spot have a SHOSA of 2.15 points per game over the same period.

Next up is Chelsea who sneakily picked up a lot of points in the first half of this season. Subsequently they have no need to be concerned about their SHOSA of 2.06 points per game.

Then we have Manchester City, who all but conceded the title with defeat to Burnley on Saturday, with A SHOSA over the last three seasons of 2.04 points per game. That has taken a hit over the last few months as the absence of Yaya Toure and now the poor form of Vincent Kompany have weakened the foundations of Manuel Pellegrini’s team.

No surprise to anyone will be the fact that Manchester United are in fifth place with a SHOSA over the last three seasons of 1.88 points per game. This average includes their last title win which serves to highlight how far back they have fallen since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Louis Van Gaal is currently working at reversing this trend but seemingly isn’t doing it in an entertaining enough fashion. Which goes to show that you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. Instead LVG has managed to fashion a very functional money transportation sack out of the same animal’s sphincter.

If you’re wondering why Tottenham Hotspur haven’t been included then you’re obviously a Spurs fan.

Should these averages hold true for the rest of the season (and there is absolutely no concrete reason to presume they will) then this will be your final table:


On current form Liverpool are looking good for a top four spot, as are Arsenal who have eight wins from their last nine games. If any side looks like falling away down the final stretch it’s Manchester City, who have picked up fewer points (15) than West Brom (16) over the last ten games.




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