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Did I ever tell you about the time I won a trip to Vegas off the radio?

by David Lyons | March 25, 2015

Well there I was all packed and we had made our plans. I’ll tell you one thing for nothing, the “What happens in Vegas” motto was definitely going to be over used on this trip.

But, classic me, I forgot to set my alarm and my phone was by my passport. Downstairs. On silent.

I know.

I missed out on the Vegas shows, the casino experience, the bright lights, my friend Rob getting kicked out of the strip club for pole dancing, Paul stealing a tiger… Although I suppose I missed out on the STDs… But I digress! Long story short, I ended up missing out on the best flippin’ weekend of my life.

Anyways, that’s why I’m here!

I would HATE if something like that happened to you, for you to miss out on something amazing! We’ve got so much going on, so many prizes to give away, trips to invite you on… I’ll try my best to remember them all:

  1. Exclusive VIP promotions and offers including Freebets, Money Back Specials, Guaranteed Prices, Poker Tournaments, Predictions! I know right?
  2. Ice cream!*
  3. Not only that, but like a telly shopping channel, we’ll offer you so much more if you change now. We’ll throw in invitations to exclusive events like Cheltenham and The Brits.

What? You need more reasons? Urgh, fine.

  1. Invitations to the Monaco Grand Prix… seriously like, even I don’t get these invites.
  2. Gifts! We can’t send out our surprise and delight gifts.
  3. Ice cream. With sprinkles. I’ll take you for ice cream in my convertible – top down, thumbs up, and living the dream!*

Have we convinced you with our “We have sweets, get in the van” speech?


But how do I go about doing that I hear you ask!

Well you’ve come to the right place. It is as easy as this:

  • One.                Log in and go to My Account and select Contact Preference
  • Two.                Choose how you’d like to be contacted
  • Tea.                 Just one sugar and a small drop of milk for me, thanks.

If you would like something even more personal than receiving emails from Paddy Power, perhaps we can interest you in getting your communication directly from your Relationship Manager?

Our relationship managers give you a more personalised service and help you improve your experience with Paddy Power. From account management to game queries, they are always able to help.

If you let us know, we can make it happen. We’re pretty cool, I know.

*Ice cream is obviously weather dependent and may or may not be a real offer. Sorry, but I lied.

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