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Where the money is going on our Wrestlemania 31 betting

by Aidan Elder | March 29, 2015

The limbs will be airborne, the spandex will be stretched to breaking point and the canvas will be pounded. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the wrestling year – Wrestlemania. And we can even tell you it’s Wrestlemania 31 thanks to the organisation’s commendable decision to not confuse us with unnecessary Roman numerals.

As ever with the WWE’s premier event, we’ve got some brilliant matches lined up for tonight and because we’re just mavericks who love life, we’re offering betting on Wrestlemanina 31. Not only that, we’ve decided to look in our bookmaker’s e-satchel to let you know who is being backed to win tonight’s matches. Here’s some of tonight’s top fights.


If it was about great great hair, then Roman Reigns would have his showdown with Brock Lesnar in the bag, but thankfully it’s not and the former UFC champion is attracting the majority of the betting attention for their Heavyweight Championship title fight. Just under 60% of the money has been for Lesnar with Reigns being backed by 38% of punters.

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After he had his remarkable winning streak at Wrestlemania snapped last time around, the punters reckon it’ll be back to back defeats for The Undertaker. Despite our favourite fictional funeral director being the heavy favourite to win the contest, the vast majority of money has been for Bray Wyatt and his fantastic beard. 63% of all bets have been for Wyatt, with just 37% on the WWE stalwart with questionable burial skills. Wyatt isn’t quite considered the most popular bet among punters though. That honour goes to Randy Orton who has attracted 69% of all bets in his contest with Seth Rollins.

Two contests look as finely balanced as Jake The Snake Roberts on the top rope. At 54% to 46%, Triple H has attracted slightly more of the bets for his contest with Sting (not the tantric sex loving, ‘Every Breath You Take’ singer) while it’s even closer between Bulgaria’s finest, Rusev and John Cena at 51% and 49% respectively

The Battle Royal doesn’t lend itself to a pretty chart like the others, but in that, Sheamus is by far and away the most popular choice of the punters. He has attracted about 24% of all bets, which is more than twice as much as Ryback, the next most popular choice to emerge victorious from the carnage of spandex.

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