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The Grand National 2015 Infographic: Find out everything you need to know ahead of the greatest race in the world

Expand your mind and get stuck in to 179 years of Grand National history - it might even help you find the winner (maybe)

by Josh Powell | April 2, 2015

The world’s most famous steeplechase is fast approaching, and to delight and entertain you, we’ve crammed in 179 years of Grand National history into a infographic packed with key stats and pretty pictures. After all, we all need something pretty in our lives.

This Grand National infographic takes you from the Duke’s first four-mile race over 30 fences in 1836, right through to last year’s winner Pineau De Rea, covering pile-ups, aligators, Freddie Star, Devon Loch and everything in between. You’ll never get caught short in the annual Grand National round at the Dog and Duck Pub Quiz again. Yabadabadoo.

Here it is, in all it’s glory. Everything you need to know, sprinkled with a few things you’re probably not arsed about knowing. But a wise man once said that knowledge is power. And we’re pretty certain that wise man had a winning punt on the Grand National as well.

Tuck in!

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