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Paddy Power’s big gay quiz of gayness

With the vote on gay marriage in Ireland just around the corner, answer 5 questions in our highly scientific quiz to find out just how gay you are!

by Paddy Power | May 11, 2015

Soon, we’ll all be pulling on our outdoor trousers, picking up our lucky Thundercats pen and heading off to vote on the issue of gay marriage in Ireland.

The polls are calling it as a close run thing, with religious conservatives angrily campaigning that gays go around at night teasing each other with porn and plastic willies. Same as everyone.

It’s currently 1/10 for a ‘yes’ with ‘no’ tightening slightly to 5/1.

So, in the spirit of broadening minds (and basically just pissing out about work for around four minutes) we’ve created a highly scientific quiz that will investigate just how gay each and every one of us could be. It’s a bit like Blockbusters, only worse.

Just click on the image and answer the five questions below…

1. You’re trapped in a lift with Olivier Giroud, do you:
2. You wake up in a strange hotel to find Nigel Farage and R Kelly double-teaming an otter, do you:
3. You’re walking through the park when some ‘youths’ ask you to kick back their football, what do you do:
4. It’s your wedding reception, what’s the first line of your speech?
5. You’re in Walkabout when John Terry offers to buy you some kind of blue drink, do you

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