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Backing with the heart: It looks like Tipperary love themselves the most, while Wexford have no confidence in their hurlers!

With the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in full swing, and we take a look at the latest bets to see which county is the most loyal

by David Lyons | June 5, 2015

The GAA All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship signals the start of the summer. The chances of getting any bit sun burnt is truly a fantasy so the only way to know when summer has really started is when The Sunday Game theme song starts blaring every weekend. Avicii or Calvin Harris couldn’t touch this.

So here we are, at the start of June, and the national ‘Men in short shorts with sticks season’ begins. We’re expecting everyone to fall in love with hurling all over again, those who have never seen it to call it more violent than the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, Cork people to be full of themselves and plenty of gaffes on Sky‘s coverage of the “All England”.

The IT reporting boffins in Power Tower took a look into Paddy Power’s Sportsbook betting on the outright winner of the All Ireland. By looking at how much money from each county is going on their own team we can judge who is the most loyal, and it is Tipperary who come out on top with 76% of people backing them at 5/2.


I suppose if you were from Kilkenny (11/4), you’d be backing yourself as well. Nearly half of Waterford (10/1) and Clare (12/1) people are confident that their hurlers can do the business this year, but what id most shocking is that only 34% of Cork people fancy their chances at 5/1. Madness! Where did the Rebel County pride go?

Poor Wexford, or Wexico are truly shot of confidence. Fresh from finding out that they finished in the high 20s out of the sexiest accents in Ireland, only 10% of Wexicans are backing their county. Sad times indeed for the sunny south east.

Ahead of the Hurling Championship, we asked John Mullane for his views. Read what he had to say here: John Mullane

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