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Yulin some, you lose some – Paddy Power offers odds on the number of dogs to be eaten at the Yulin Festival

We've got all the hot dog odds here...

by Paddy Power | June 23, 2015

The Yulin Festival, an annual dog meat event which takes place in south-west China, is now underway despite the protests by animal rights activists.

Approximately 10,000 cute and fluffy dogs will be slaughtered at the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Guangxi province on Sunday and Monday to mark the summer solstice.

With this in mind, Paddy Power have drawn up a market on the number of dogs to be consumed during the festival:

  • 3/1     Less than 5,000
  • 6/4     5,000 to 9,999
  • 6/5     10,000 or more

Now, we obviously don’t condone the use of dogs in any Chinese dish, even if it is Sweet n’ Sour, so we reached out to a woman who has recently taken on the big dogs and won. Taylor Swift, the multi millionaire recently wrote an open letter to Apple complaining that she and many others like her, cannot afford to go three months unpaid. Apple folded, and now Ms. Swift can afford to take her 33rd holiday this year.

Thus, with such experience, we implored that Taylor Swift use her powerful voice to help just one dog go uneaten. Poor little Fido.

We are currently awaiting a swift response from Taylor, but in the meantime, many other Twitter users were quick to jump on poor Paddy’s back for merely highlighting a major issue:


Some others felt the need to round up a few more celebrities to:


At least there’s always someone who appreciates us. #Love


But there’s always that one odd ball…


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