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Wibbly Wobbly Wonderful Wimbledon: We’ve picked out the 425/1 bet of the year

by David Lyons | June 26, 2015

The big one has rolled around. It’s time for the strawberries, cream, and balls. Tennis balls that it.

Once a year, people become experts in every fact and figure relating to tennis. But we thought that we’d help out the average Joe Soap (or Joanne), and do the hard work for you. So now you’re going to know who to back, who’ll make the quarters, right down to the balls that they use.

Speaking of balls, a ridiculous 54,250 balls are used throughout Wimbledon. The balls also have to be kept at exactly 20°C or 68°F for the ‘Mericans. Strangely though, more than 700 go missing…


Wimbledon Men’s Singles 2015

Just like Mr Muscle, we love the jobs you hate so we trawled through the stats to bring you some pretty good shouts as to who looks most likely to walk home with the title, but there’s also a few dark horses.

Just a quick not… we only covered the Top 32 seeds because:

  1. The top 32 seed aren’t actually the top 32 in the betting (Nadal is 10th seed whereas he is the fourth favourite in the betting).
  2. Only twice since seeding began in 1924 have unseeded players won the men’s title.
  3. Seriously, 32 players is plenty to have to trawl through.


Simply put, the above Venn Diagram shows how players have performed over there career versus how they have performed to date in 2015. Split into three sections, we looked at overall form, form against the top 10, and then form on grass.

As you could’ve guessed, poor old Rafael Nadal has had a horrendous 2015 and this is reflected with his name not even making it into any of our egg shaped circles. The shame.

Another big name not in the coveted middle spot is Novak Djokovic, because his form on grass this year is slightly lower than that of his overall career on grass. But only slightly.

Andy Murray GB flag

You could be right in thinking that all roads lead to Andy Murray for this year’s Wimbledon, but our research has thrown up a few other interesting names, all of which are at some lovely odds. But listen, the information we’re about to give you now could be very powerful in the wrong hands… you’re talking bucket loads of cash if these come off.

Apart from Federer, Murray and Djokovic who are the three favourites for 2015, we’ve picked out the no.11 seed Dimitrov, no. 22 Troicki, no. 23 Karlovic, no. 25 Seppi and no.26 Kyrgios.

Dimitrov at 22/1 has been steadily improving, and this year his stats are up on his overall career. Crucially, his form against the top 10 is up 18% which means he will give any of the big boys a run.


But we’re not happy with a 22/1 shot. Let’s try harder. Kyrgios is 66/1 having being seeded 26th, but this year he is up 21% on grass compared to his career. A good shout to possibly go all the way?

But after all the research, call of the day, if not the week must go to picking out Andreas Seppi, the little 6’3″ Italian who is ranked number 27 in the world and is this year’s number 25 seed.

Seppi is arguably the most improved player this year with a higher win rate than Cilic the 9th seed, better form against the top 10 than Nadal, and better form on grass than Wawrinka the 4th seed, and Nishikori the 5th seed.

His price for this year’s Wimbledon? 425/1. Now if you want to play it cooler than a fish’s fart, you could back him to reach the quarter finals, or even push the semi final… but either way, I haven’t seen better value than that time I bought a left shoe and the right one came free.

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