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You Can’t Be Serious! Paddy Power’s creepy Wimbledon quiz

Test your tennis fandom with Paddy Power

by Andrew Boulton | June 29, 2015

Tennis is great isn’t it? Ok, so you’d sooner be watching Blackpool versus Mansfield in the second round of the league cup, but that’s not on and we all just have to be brave, ok?

So, to test how serious you are about a game where there’s a lot of bouncing, and grunting, and having a little sit down, and making some posh schoolboy go and fetch you an Um Bongo and then not even looking at the poor little bastard when he does – why not take our scientifically verified quiz. Or just think about pandas, whatever really.

1. At centre court, you find yourself next to a bloke who keeps bellowing ‘Come on Tim!’ while violently squeezing your naked thigh. How do you react?
2. In the centre court toilets you find yourself having a wee next to George Clooney, do you…
3. During a junior match, a small boy accidentally clouts you in the face with a stray serve, do you…
4. You’re waiting for Novak Djovokic to sign your ‘hilariously’ oversized tennis ball but he walks straight past, do you…
5. You turn your back for literally 4 seconds only to discover Pat Cash aggressively tonguing your girlfriend. Do you…
6. You happen to discover Roger Federer practicing alone on a deserted court, what do you do?

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