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Guus Hiddink now leads our Next Leicester City Manager betting, but an Ostrich is gaining ground 500/1

So Nigel Pearson has left the building.

by David Lyons | July 6, 2015

Are we surprised? We’re probably about as shocked as you are an ostrich. We’re just astounded that it took so long to happen. Back in February we were sure his sacking would’ve come faster than… *be careful what you say next*… a Japanese train. Phew. Almost said somebody’s son and two footballers in a film with prostitutes in Thailand.

Anyways, now that Nigel has been given the boot, Leicester need to find a new lunatic manager. Luckily for you, we know who the favourites are, so we hit up our exclusive Paddy Power research tools (Google and Wikipedia) and we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of each possible new manager. Got that? Okay, we shall begin!

All odds are subject to change. Thanks Obama.

Guus Hiddink
11/8 – 
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Guus Hiddink

Just look at that gaze. This man has seen things. Probably of an adult nature and he looks disgusted.

The Guus now leads the way ahead of the Ostrich. It was just made for headlines really. Guus Hiidink or ˈɣys ˈɦɪdɪŋk as they’d say in Dutch, recently left The Netherlands and is now out of the job. Queue the massive rumours about him joining Leicester. Two plus two is 22 like.


  • He word carry on the tradition of birds. Guuuuuuus
  • He managed Chelsea so has PL experience
  • The bucket load of experience he has in general
  • Imagine Leicester playing sexy football…


  • Never managed a small team before
  • Hasn’t managed daily in a while
  • Like most single lads, doesn’t fancy long term comittment

Neil Lennon
2/1 – 
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The SPL manager of the year back in 2012, League Cup winner with Leicester in 2000 and scorer of six goals in 110 appearances for the foxes. Oh and he’s also managed Emile Heskey.

After moving from the SPL and Celtic to the Championship, where he guided Bolton to eh… 18th last season, perhaps it is now time rejoin the Premier League. Lennon could follow in the footsteps of Martin O’Neill by managing Leicester, and now appears to be the time when he should jump ship. He already proved at Celtic that he can perform well with a club that he has an affiliation with.


  • Has a good understanding of British football
  • Won some things with Celtic and worked under Martin O’Neill
  • Cheap barber bills


  • No actual experience of managing a Premier League team
  • May not have learned a thing from Martin O’Neill

Martin O’Neill
4/1 – 
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Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane (pic: Inpho)

Not only does he have a great managerial career, particularly at Celtic, but some people forget that Martin has won the European Cup TWICE with Nottingham, and captained Northern Ireland in the 1982 World Cup Finals when they reached the quarter finals. Nice eh?

The man who already spent five years with the Foxes is now third favourite to re take the reigns, although I’m sure the FAI might have something to say about that. Although… Roy Keane in charge of Ireland?! The rude awakening some of those Irish (ish) boys would get!


  • Has a great understanding of British football
  • The way he speaks is just so lovely and soft
  • Great story teller
  • Can keep Roy Keane calm


  • May actually send you to sleep if he speaks to you
  • The way he speaks is just so lovely and soft
  • The FAI will probably say no…

Steve Cotterill
5/1 – Bet here on 

steve cotterill



Well Steve is currently the manager of Bristol but does have bags of playing and managing experience. The fact that it is all in the lower leagues matters not.

His many accolades include: League One, Two and Conference titles amongst the FA Trophy and the Football League trophy. He’s also got manager of the month in the Championship. In 2006.

And so ends my Wikipedia search.


  • Has managed plenty of teams
  • He’s over six feet
  • Could have great racing tips as he is from Cheltenham


  • Has no eyebrows
  • He may also have no top teeth
  • The teams he has managed are just a bit shi… bad. They’re kind of bad.

Jurgen Klopp
6/1 – Bet here on 



On the 2nd of June, Klopp decided to take a sabbatical from football a la Pep Guardiola. Although a flood of bets have seen Jurgen Klopp now installed as fifth favourite for the Leicester job. It would be amazing to see the man in the Premier League, but Champions League final to relegation battlers… and then Leicester? I dunno man, I dunno.


  • What a geezer
  • Studied sports science so he knows what he’s about
  • Turned Borussia Dortmund into everyone’s second team
  • Great hair


  • Hipster glasses
  • He’s only managed two teams
  • Eh… I’ve run out of cons. He’s pretty cool

David Moyes
33/1 – Bet here on 


Oh Davy boy. He boldly did what no other man from Liverpool could do – destroy one of the greatest teams in England, and he did it in just 34 games.

Currently perfecting his Spanish Accent, el Moyes is the second favourite to take over at Leicester. It would be a massive fall from grace, not just from Manchester United, but even from Everton. It would take an awful lot of pride swallowing on David’s part to shut up shop in Sociedad and head back to England.


  • Premier League experience and is suited to a club with little to no budget
  • Has his own statue – wanna see? Clicky clicky
  • Won the Community Shield
  • Can speak with a Spanish accent if required


  • Brought a League winning team to their lowest ever Premier League finish
  • Broke numerous records… for all the wrong reasons
  • Guaranteed to lose to Everton
  • His signings will take a year to become good – Senor Mata and Senor Big Curly Wig.

Sam Allardyce
25/1 – Check out the rest of the odds here on 

Big Sam_750x356

No longer blowing bubbles over at West Ham, poor Sam is now looking for a new job. The man who once said he could manage Manchester United is the third favourite to take over at Leicester. Bit of a drop.

But, the man did do well at West Ham, especially last season where, for a while, they looked like European contenders. His spell at Bolton did see the Premier League graced with Youri Djorkaeff, Jay Jay Okacha and Ivan Campo. So the man could potentially get in the names to line up beside Cambiasso. If he could do a Bolton with Leicester… well it could be a great year ahead.


  • Sam Allardyce
  • The Bolton years
  • You might get some of his leftovers
  • Caused LVG to write a dossier


  • Sam Allardyce
  • The Bolton Years are a while ago
  • West Ham’s season faded after a promising start

Esteban Cambiasso
33/1 – Roll up, roll up! Get yo bets on here: 


Ah now. The lad has barely been in England a year. Surely his love for Leicester isn’t that great that he’s now a 4/1 shot to take over?! It would be a fantastic appointment, as the man has more experience than a Thai prostitute has STDs.


  • He’s very cool
  • He’s mates with Messi
  • The bucket load of experience and medals he has
  • Imagine Leicester playing sexy football…


  • Never managed before
  • He has no hair

Oscar Ostrich
500/1 – Get on the value bet of the year: 


Hailed as Football Manager’s online player of the decade, Oscar has led Shrewsbury to back to back Champions League titles in 2010 and 2011, before leaving to guide Farnborough to a FA Cup and Europa League double last season. Thanks mainly in part to Lionel Messi who was signed on a free transfer from Barcelona using the old “Add Manager” option.

Prior to these feats, his credentials don’t exactly scream ‘MANAGERIAL PRODIGY IN THE MAKING’. Before escaping from Murphy’s Family Farm in 2009, Oscar was the recipient of the MOTM award for his two assists in the annual ‘Farmers Vs Animals’ five a side game.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.


The ostrich is now a more popular option than Roy Keane, Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, Diego Simeone, Alan Pardew and Steve Clark for the Leicester City job.


  • Might be a genius
  • New ways of thinking
  • Ostrich burgers?


  • Might not be a genius
  • Has virtually no experience as a manager. Well, his experience is only virtual
  • He’s actually a big bird

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