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Exclusive: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and the rest of the Premier League – We reveal next season’s alternative jerseys and sponsors

With the Premier league only weeks away, everyone is getting giddy about how teams will look on the opening game. 

by David Lyons | July 10, 2015

We won’t lie, we’re pretty sick of all the daily transfer rumours, and every second day seeing another spoof “leaked photo” of a team’s new kit for the 2015/16 season. So we went about doing what we do best – using our contact book to get our hands on something concrete to give to you.

Thanks to knowing some people that know some people that rob some people, we’ve managed to secure official photos (ahem) of next season’s kits for every team in the league BEFORE anyone else. #InTheKnow

The ink had barely dried on some of the new sponsor contracts but in fairness, who would say no to a sneaky tenner for a quick photo?

Without further ado, I give to you the 2015/16 Premier League kits and updated sponsors.

Arsenal – Bang and Olufsen

Looks stylish, sounds fancy and foreign. Detractors suspect finished product somewhat lacking.


Aston Villa – Nuts Magazine

The Villa manager is a bit of a massive lad, a bit of an Ebeneezah Geezah who enjoys his Britneys. ‘Naw mean mate?


Bournemouth – Saga Holidays

Useful when you’re planning a day trip to the seaside.


Chelsea – Facebook

One of the most successful organisations in the world now, but only formed in 2004.


Crystal Palace – Marshall Amps

Popular enough, and they make a lot of noise.


Everton – Pepsi

Big name, but most people prefer their rivals.


Leicester – Babestation

You know, because of someone’ s son and a few other players’ exploits in Thailand. Gas fellas.


Liverpool – Amstrad

Big in the 80s and not likely to make any sort of comeback anytime soon.


Man City – Mr Kipling

Following the Yaya Toure incident of 2014, this move was for the best. Endless supplies of….


Manchester United – Apple

Market leaders for a long time. But they’ve been a bit dodgy since their best-known leader departed.


Newcastle – Ryanair

Sure, their customers are always complaining. A match made in heaven really.


Norwich – Blossom Hill Wine

Inspiring Delia since the 90s.


Southampton – DFS

They’ve always got a sale on. But only in their Liverpool branch.


Stoke – NHS dentist

You never look forward to it, but you know you have to visit them once a year.


Sunderland – Wimpy

Not the most appetising of products but they’re still around.


Swansea – Megabus

Great value for long trips up and down the country.


Tottenham – Mercedes Benz

New model every season but it plummets in value at the turn of the year.


Watford – Fiat

Dodgy product, and run by Italians. Great kit though, expect to see this adorning a silly bearded man with his mankles on show in a town near you.


West Brom – Thomas Cook

Highly likely to start their holidays in January.


West Ham – Hubba Bubba

Good for blowing bubbles, but they leave a nasty taste in your mouth.



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