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UFC Vine: TJ DIllashaw mollywhops Renan Barao for the second time to retain his belt

by Rob Dore | July 26, 2015

When these two bantamweights fought 16 months ago TJ Dillashaw relieved Renan Barao of his belt, the Brazilian’s first defeat in nine years and 33 fights, in one of the biggest title upsets in recent years. Some detractors put it down to catching the former champion on an off day, the rest of us figured Dillashaw just had his number.

And he does. Barao struggled with Dillashaw’s movement and control of distance once again when the two met for their rematch at UFC on Fox 16 in Chicago. The usual gas tank issues came in to play from the second round thanks to Dillashaw pushing the pace and engaging in energy sapping clinches.

By the fourth round Dillashaw was simply picking the Brazilian apart and once he sniffed blood he opened up with a barrage of beautifully accurate strikes to force Herb Dean to step in and save the brave former champion.

Here’s the final flurry which confirmed that TJ Dillashaw is unquestionably the dominant fighter at bantamweight. Now if we can only get Dominick Cruz fit.


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