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Punting Hall of Fame: A devilish lucky streak for Damien pockets him almost £200k on the Cat in Vegas Jackpot Game

One spin on our Cat In Vegas slot game changed 24 year old Damien’s life. Here's how he reacted, what he's going to do with the money, and what Jackpot he's predicting will drop next - it must be an Omen!

by Josh Powell | August 12, 2015

Last weekend was a big weekend for many people – The Premiership was back, Shane Lowry won his first golf title in the US, and Kylie Jenner finally turned 18. But none of those compared to the weekend Damien from Falkirk had at Paddy Power Casino.

Damien scooped over £192k on the slot game Cat In Vegas early Sunday morning and has decided to treat his family to an unbelievable holiday in America as well as beginning looking for his dream home. Interestingly, this isn’t Damien’s first time scooping a massive jackpot (the lucky begger). Earlier this year he had a big win with another supplier before deciding to join Paddy Power Casino a few months back.

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We caught up with him to hear all about his luck.

PP: Damien, firstly welcome officially to Paddy Power Casino. What a way to make an introduction. How does it feel to have won a Jackpot in your first few months with us?

D: Unbelievable! I am still a bit in shock to be honest! It’s an amazing feeling to win as you never really think you’ll win, but this is amazing.

PP: And it’s not your first big win is it?

D: No it isn’t, I actually had a nice win earlier in the year, so to win two big wins is quite extraordinary!

PP: My God, some people have all the luck. Would you consider yourself to be a lucky person in general?

D: No not at all, before these I never won anything. I haven’t had luck in ages, but since hitting the first Jackpot it seems to be turning in my favour!

PP: Time to do the lotto so?

D: That’s what my mum said! 


PP: So let’s set the scene for our readers. It’s a Sunday morning, your tipping away at Cat In Vegas Jackpot with a few spins. All of a sudden the screen lights up, BOOM, you’ve hit the jackpot. What’s going through your mind?

D: I never believed it! I got onto the Bonus round and then all of a sudden the Jackpot lit up and started counting upwards. A message came up “Congratulations – You’ve won £198,092”. I ran around screaming. There was no one in the house at the time so I rang my mum and even she couldn’t believe it. The first thing I did then was take a screenshot – just to be sure I wasn’t imagining it! This doesn’t happen. 

PP: Even in the chaos you kept the cool head and took a screenshot – better safe. Well, we are delighted to say it does happen and we are delighted when our customers get the chance to experience these big wins. Did the weekend plans change after the win?

D: No, thankfully I kept a cool head and chilled out on Sunday night with my partner.

PP: Good to hear. Have you got any plans for the winnings as of yet?

D: Well, I’m taking my family on a holiday to America to go to Los Angeles and Florida for two weeks. It’s really nice to be able to treat them. Then I will look at buying my dream home and putting some money into an investment account. 

PP: Brilliant ideas! It’s always really nice to hear our customers treating their family and loved ones and sharing the experience. 

D: Well, when it all started I had won a few thousand and now I’ve won a few hundred thousand so it’s nice to be able to give something back.


 PP: Amazing. As a player, what draws you to play the games you play?

D: I play across both Casino and Games mainly. I look for the Games I like to play – so sometimes the supplier, usually PlayTech, and then I look at the return to player (RTP) to see if the game pays out well. Then I usually play games I like or know – X-Factor Slot for example I play a bit and I love Spiderman. 

PP: As you’re on a bit of a heater at the moment and being nicknamed Mystic Meg in here, what Jackpots have you noticed and think might drop soon?

D: Well, I have one close eye on X-Factor Jackpot Slot on Games, I’m convinced this will drop soon! Also, I’d say Jackpot Giant and Funky Fruits will both be dropping soon! 

PP: Finally, if you were to describe how you feel at the moment, how would you do it?

D: Restless! I haven’t slept since. But seriously, just shocked really. I honestly didn’t expect to be sitting here having won two Jackpots. I guess it just shows that these things DO happen, and can happen. It’s just amazing.

PP: Damien, from all of us here at Power Tower we wish you the biggest congratulations on your win and hope you and your family enjoy that amazing holiday! We will be watching those predictions very closely! We might even be doing another interview if your luck keeps going……. 

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