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Up The Dubs – Why Kerry need Dublin’s Aisling Finnegan to be crowned Rose of Tralee

by Paddy Power | August 15, 2015

By Sean Og | (New) Chief Lovely Girls Competition Writer

It is back. The most exciting, nail-biting, thrilling event in the Irish festival calendar*. Daithi O’Se, the oul charmer, is back to lead us through an event we will all undoubtedly watch while at the same time wondering why the hell we’re watching it.

*May be a gross exaggeration of the truth.

It can be painfully awkward and cringeworthy, especially when Daithi gets a bit ‘friendly’ with the Roses, but we all love it. 65 fabulous women strutting their stuff while the rest of us trying coming up with a reason as to why this is even a thing and pray to God no one asks us to explain it.

The ‘Lovely Girls Competition’ part, while certainly the creepiest element of the festival, isn’t the be all and end all of the festival. There is a total of five days of fun and festivities, the majority of which will not make you want to get sick in a bucket.

But is there a pattern between the Rose of Tralee winner and the winner of the All-Ireland Football Champions? Why yes, yes there is. Finally something useful. We’ve crunched the numbers and can now exclusively reveal why the Kingdom should be cheering on the Jacks in Tralee if they want to retain the Sam Maguire in September.

  •  Since the Rose of Tralee started in 1959 the Dublin Rose has won five times. In three of those years (1959, 1962 and 1969) Kerry went on to win the All-Ireland Football Championship. The Dublin Rose is currently a 6/1 shot in the betting.
  •  It’s also well worth the Kingdom cheering on London’s Rose Aisling Hillary at 12/1 as well. The five times Kerry have beaten Dublin in an All-Ireland football final since 1959 have been in years when the Rose of Tralee winner has come from London, Limerick, Boston, Belfast and Pennsylvania.
  •  Tyrone fans would also be inclined to give the Dublin Rose a cheer. The last time Dublin won the Rose of Tralee in 2003, Tyrone went on to beat Armagh at Croke Park by three points.
  •  If you’re a Dublin fan however it’s time to swap the blue bunting and Molly Malone statue for some stars and stripes and an Empire State building. Two of Dublin’s All-Ireland wins since 1959 have come in the same year the New York Rose has been crowned the winner, including their 1976 victory over Kerry. This time around the New York Rose, Sophie Colgan is 3/1 co-favourite.
  •  We haven’t mentioned Mayo in our myth-busting, and there’s one simple reason why. Since the Rose of Tralee began, there have been 56 winners from 33 locations over more than half a century. And still the Green and Red haven’t won Sam…


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