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Did you know you can place a bet by sending one text? Well you can with PP Messenger

by Rob Dore | August 17, 2015

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Search for Paddy Power Messenger in the iPhone App Store or through Google on Android to download it onto your smartphone today!

Between Whatsapp, Tinder, Grindr and “old-fashioned” SMS text messages we send over 50 messages each with our smartphones every day.  Most of these messages are made up of offensive jokes, dumb opinions, things you hate about your job, what you’ve just eaten or are about to eat, naked pictures and what ever needs to be said to get a naked picture.

Now you can use those lightning thumbs to place your bets with our PP Messenger betting app. Once the app is downloaded you send one simple text and your bet is on. Leaving you free to get back to lying about how often you go to the gym.

It’s the fastest, most hassle-free way to bet. So come get textual with the PP Messenger app. All the details you need are below.

It’s simple to use! To place a bet through the app just send us your STAKE & SELECTION & we’ll send you a bet receipt.


Here’s how place a bet:
• To place £10 win on Golden Horn to win, send: 10 GOLDEN HORN
• To place £10 on Rooney to score first, send: 10 FGS ROONEY
• To place £10 on both teams to score in Chelsea v Man Utd, send: 10 BTTS CHELSEA
• To place a double on Liverpool & Man U, send: 10 DBL LIVERPOOL MAN UTD

We’ll send you a bet receipt & if your bet’s a winner, we’ll tell you the good news!

Plus, you can personalise the app & be the first in the know when it comes to your favourite Teams, Leagues, Horses, Jockeys, Trainers & more!

Add them to your Alerts & keep up with all the action on the football pitch & the racecourse!

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What else can you do on PP Messenger?

1. Place Any Bet on Any Event
You can place any bet on any market on any event. See the examples above or for a full list of keys and abbreviations that will make your life easier, click here!

2. Get Coupons & Racecards
With PP Messenger you can get coupons & racecards direct to your phone by just sending eg. COUPON PREMIER LEAGUE or RACECARD ASCOT

3. Check Odds
Text ‘Odds’ and whatever you’re trying to find eg: ODDS FGS ROONEY

4. Make Deposits
Need to make a deposit to your account? Simply tap the DEPOSIT button.




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