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Three Championship players that can help turn things around for Sunderland

by Paddy Power | August 24, 2015

Three games into the season and already it looks like the Black Cats will need a fresh batch of nine lives to survive in the top flight. A point somewhat fortunate point against Swansea opened the account for this season, but good Lord, you are so bad. With a manager who clearly looks as interested in doing the job as Flo Rida is in recording song that’s not total gibberish.

Sunderland don’t need three new players, they need around 23 new players. But the main three places are a new striker, a new defender and a new midfielder. Here’s a few candidates from the Championship who could help keep the sinking ship afloat.

1. CHARLIE AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do we really need to explain this? Yes £15 million is a lot of money to spend on a striker, but he’ll score goals. It’s that simple. For God’s sake you spent £8 million on Jeremain Lens! Austin proved last season he can score goals in the top flight. There’s small a risk to sign him because he only has had one season in the Premier League and may not repeat it, but for a team that doesn’t score goals and uses Jermaine Defoe as a winger, it’s one worth taking.

2. Tommy Smith: 

He’s 25 and he is solid as a rock. He was an integral part of the Ipswich team that did so well last season and could be snapped up for £1-2 million. Outside of the Championship, the Kiwi international isn’t too well known, but he brings a lot to the team. He scored five goals last season (N.B. Fantasy Football team potential) and Mick McCarthy trusts him. What more do you want?

3. Craig Bryson: 

Last season Bryson wasn’t at his best, but the season before he was absolutely outstanding. 16 goals and 13 assists isn’t bad going for a midfielder. If Bryson made the step up, he would surely benefit from playing with higher quality players. Technically that means Sunderland have higher quality players … hmmmm … looks like we’ve trapped ourselves in a logical loop. In essence, the Black Cats could do with a goalscoring midfielder and Bryson could certainly help in that respect.

The Wearsiders are 5/4 to avoid relegation.
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