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‘Mayo For Sam’ has spread to Dublin! Punters in the capital are backing Mayo to win the All-Ireland semi-final replay

More than a quarter of punters in the capital are backing Mayo, while a whopping 80 per cent of punters in Galway fancy a win for The Tribesman

by Josh Powell | September 3, 2015

The ‘Mayo For Sam’ campaign is in full swing and, as it usually does at this time of year, it’s hit a peak. Celebrities who are more familiar with the condiment than the county suddenly find themselves pledging their allegiance to Mayo, while green and red banners and shirts are spotted at every global sporting or pop culture event going.

We’re only a fraction away from Taylor Swift selling out the Pepsi Centre on Friday, wearing a jersey and doing a three-hour set where she only sings ‘The Green and Red of Mayo’.


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But one place where you wouldn’t expect to find the ‘Mayo For Sam’ bandwagon would be in Ireland’s capital. Dublin’s boys in blue are confident of bringing the Sam Maguire back home, but punters in the capital are feeling less loyal after the sides drew last weekend’s semi-final.

  • In fact more than a quarter of punters from Dublin who have had a bet on the replay are cheering on Aidan O’Shea and co, with another 11 per cent backing the draw.
  • Punters from Mayo have shown far more loyalty to their county however, with more than 70 per cent of Mayo punters cheering on the green above the red. Less than 10 per cent of customers in Mayo have backed Dublin, as both teams eye up a final showdown with Kerry.


Over the other side of the GAA world where it’s less hitting people with slaps and kicks, and more beating them with hurls, Galway punters have clearly gone mad. Presumably the grease from SuperMac’s snack boxes has finally clogged up their punting smarts, and they’re lumping on The Tribesmen to beat Kilkenny. Galway have been in five All-Ireland Finals since 1989 and lost all five, while in the same period the Cats have featured in 17 finals and won 12, including three of the last four.

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  • But why let historical stats get in the way of passion and loyalty? Almost 80 per cent of punters in Galway are backing their own side for glory, with just nine per cent opting to back Kilkenny.
  • What might be even more outstanding is that Kilkenny punters want to back The Tribesmen as well. Just over half of punters in Kilkenny are actually siding with The Cats, with 27 per cent of punters backing Galway, and 16 per cent backing the draw.

Do punters in Kilkenny really fancy Galway? Or is it a case of, win or lose, at they’ll have something to cheer in Coppers on Sunday night.



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