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Punting Hall of Fame: An ordinary Tuesday like no other, until CM took home €106k off our Chain Reactors

CM pocketed a cool €106k off our Chain Reactors on Tuesday night. Here's how he reacted and what he's going to do with the winnings. Could you be next?

by Paddy Power | September 4, 2015

According to many surveys, Tuesdays are often voted as the worst day of the week. It’s too far from the coming weekend to get excited, the previous weekend is a distant memory and NOBODY gets paid on a Tuesday. Well, apart from one lucky customer in Games, who managed to turn their average Tuesday into a MEGA TUESDAY with a massive Jackpot win of €106k.

CM from Kildare collected over €106k on the Slot Game CHAIN REACTORS early Tuesday morning from a 50c stake. 

Our man in Games caught up CM this week to hear all about their big win – their plans for the money, what winning a jackpot feels like and tips on turning 50c into €107k………

PP: CM, firstly congratulations on your fantastic win! €106k from €0.50c stake – unbelievable Jeff! How do you feel?

CM: It’s just unbelievable. I’m in total shock. The reality is beginning to hit me….I have won €106k! But honestly, I haven’t slept with the excitement!

PP: You’re playing away on Chain Reactors, you’re playing €0.50c stakes, then the yellow balls drop, it lights up…..’You’ve Won the Jackpot’…..€106k….what’s going through your mind?

CM: It was about 2am, I was playing away and then BAM, I had hit the jackpot. The screen lights up and it says ‘Congratulations, you have won the Jackpot’. I was in total shock. My son lives with me so I started shouting at him to come in and look. We both just stood there in total silence. We couldn’t speak! I just said “Look at my bank balance!”. The numbers barley even fit into the box! I then said to him; “I could retire you know!” He said, “So could I!”.

PP: Brilliant stuff! Early retirement would be the dream! What was 1 of the first things you did then? Did you call anybody?

CM: My partner wasn’t there at the time, so I rang them at 5.30am, they were like “My God, are you alright? What’s wrong?”, I calmly said “Absolutely nothing…”. I then told them all about the win, explained what happened and we went for breakfast. It was amazing.

PP: Do you have any plans for the winnings?

CM: Firstly, I am able to completely clear my mortgage, which is absolutely life changing. I am able to clear all my debts and any standing orders, which actually means for the first time in my life, my wages are all mine. I will have no bills as such. I also bought my mum a new car and gave my family members a few bob each and am able to afford the kitchen I always wanted. It’s just great to be able to do that, which is life changing in itself.


PP: That’s fantastic, we love to hear when big wins are put to excellent use!

CM: I have a saying that goes ‘Things like this don’t happen to people like me’, well, I guess that saying can now go out the window. I will also take a holiday of course, but later in the year.

PP: It’s always important to treat yourself. Would you consider yourself a lucky person in general?

CM: Not really to be honest. I like the horses as I’m from a horse background, but you would never win that sort of money with the horses. I landed a TOTE Scoop 6 before, but it paid out nothing even comparable to this!

PP: Being from Kildare, it would be a sin not to be into your horses. This win allows you more time to study form perhaps?

CM: I do stick on the odd small each way lucky 15, but this win means I can do so without feeling any guilt. It’s nothing big or anything, but it means I don’t have that pressure. The win in general has relived so much financial pressure and the feeling is just sheer joy at the moment. I can now play a small bit on my favourite games and enjoy a horse bet if I want to.

PP: We are absolutely delighted for you. Are there any particular Jackpots you have your eye on?

CM: I like Chain Reactors…..obviously. But I also like the Mega Jackpot games Cleopatra and Siberian Storm. Their jackpots are massive! I played a bit on Genie Jackpots also, but lightning couldn’t strike twice could it??

PP: Well, it has before – right here on Paddy Power Games – READ HERE! Finally CM, as a player, what attracts you to play slot games and Jackpot games in particular?

CM: It’s the enjoyment I get from them. I love the thrill of getting little small wins but then it’s the dream that one spin may win you the big jackpot! And look, dream has finally come true!

PP: Amazing stuff CM. We want to wish you all the best with your win and a massive congratulations to you from all here in Paddy Power.

Well there you have it, another Jackpot winner from Paddy Power Games. If you think you could be our next big winner, Genie Jackpots is currently at an eye-watering £1.2m!

One Spin could change your life…..

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