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NFL Quiz: Quarterback or Queensland?

by Ben | September 9, 2015

The NFL did its best to keep us entertained during the off-season with an ill-advised, if not entirely without warrant, persecution of one of their best and most famous players. Which unsurprisingly left the organisation’s chief, Roger Goodell, looking even more incompetent than we already thought he was.

Then there was the usual over-blown draft furore and a raft of players swapping teams or just getting dropped altogether. Mere distractions which serve to remind us of what we’re missing.

Finally the fleeting American Football season is back and to celebrate we’ve knocked together this little quiz to see how well you know your gridiron stars, past and present.

We present you with 15 names which are either an NFL player or a place name in Australia.

Do you know your Brady from your Brisbane or your Melbourne from your Manning?

There’s only one way to find out….

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