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Wales v England – It’s a baad time to run into the Sweet Chariot

Paddy Power employs an American dentist to take aim at the big shots with some Rugby World Cup tips

by Paddy Power | September 10, 2015

The American Dentist says: I learned a lot from my holiday in southern Africa. I got exposure to the real Africa, not the one you see on TV where they’re asking for money or talking about how far they have to walk to get clean water. Hey guy – aren’t people always telling us how we need to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day?! You’re living the dream. Try sitting at a desk in a stuffy legal office in Minneapolis not knowing where your next mocha light blended frappuccino is coming from.

From my time on the savannah, I learned a lot about the huge wealth inequality between people on the continent. Did you know, that there are some people who only get to go on one safari holiday a year? Now that’s poverty. I also learned about the lingering menace posed by wild animals. Male lions need up to 7 kg of meat a day to survive. Hippopotamuses need 40 kg of fruit and vegetables a day. Hey buddy – leave some for the rest of us. I need my morning smoothie.

When Paddy Power asked me to be their pundit for the Rugby World Cup, I was happy to help. In South Africa, I saw the love people had for rugby union and it rubbed off on me. It’s since become my greatest passion in life of the month. Now I can combine my two favourites things – rugby and killing animals for no real reason.

First up, it’s England versus their old buddies, Wales. Wales have had some major injuries with Lee Albany missing out along with Reese Webbing and England started off with a win over Fiji that was about as dazzling as an un-whitened smile.

So there you have it folks. The England Chariots for the win. Now, anyone know where I can get a sheep mounted? Apart from Swansea that is!


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