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Relive your favourite bank job or casino bust and pocket up to £/€100k with the Big Heist from Paddy Power Games

It's like the Italian Job apart from you don't have to own a mini or talk like a cockney. In fact you don't even need to leave your house...

by Josh Powell | September 10, 2015

There’s a Big Heist going on over in Games and there’s £/€100k up for grabs including £/30k cash!

You’ve seen caper films with bank jobs, casino busts and people in Mini’s creating havoc in Italy, but in Paddy Power Games there is a new plan being hatched by a team of gaming experts. The usual suspects over in Games are planning a £/€100K heist where they are breaking in and taking the win – you have been chosen to join their team.

The Heist Team currently consists of: The Insider, The Talent, The Safe Cracker and The Big Boss himself. Dossiers have been compiled on each of these team members which can be viewed here. From Thursday September 10 until Sunday September 27, they have planned the perfect heist. It consists of a host of jobs:

  • The £/€30k Cash Leaderboard
  • Free Spins and Chips Giveaway
  • 20 per cent Back on Losses on all Slots
  • 20 per cent Boost to Winnings on all Table Games
  • Double Point Weekenders & Triple Point Games

In total, customers will be pocketing more than £/€100k worth of prizes over the next three weekends as Paddy Power completely looses his marbles. How do you get hold of some of these prizes I hear you cry? Simple.

Every weekend Paddy Power will have Heist themed promotions running, so if you want to crack into the safe with the Team, the Games £/€100K Heist is the only place to be.

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