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Big Game Hunter Quiz – tell us if it’s a real American dentist threat or one from the silver screen

by Paddy Power | September 20, 2015

Remember the American dentist? He’s that guy who shot that lion and inspired multitudes of people around the world to form animal welfare groups to ensure the morally sound treatment of animals and not just sit on their arses sanctimoniously typing #RIPCecilTheLion into Twitter as if they were somehow a blood relative of an entirely different species?

Well, the second half of that sentence was obviously total bullshit and highlights the inconsequential transient hipsterism of social media’s angry mobs, but we’ve recruited the services of the world’s most famous ominous orthodontist to predict some of the biggest matches at the Rugby World Cup. And just because their some very short videos, we’ve also put together this quiz which all in all will take up about 45 seconds of your life. You may as well do it, because you’d only waste those 45 seconds getting angry while reading the aforementioned inconsequential transient hipsterism.

Your task is to tell us if it’s a genuine threat to the life of the American dentist – taken from the weird, wonderful and frankly terrifying world of news websites’ comments section and social media – or is it one that we remember from our hours and hours of wasting our lives away watching largely average movies?

Happy hunting … er … for the right answers.


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