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England v Australia – Gunning For Survival

Paddy Power employs an American dentist to take aim at the big shots with some Rugby World Cup tips

by Aidan Elder | October 1, 2015


It looks like I was off target with my forecast for the England Chariots versus the Wales Dragonboys. It was all going so well. England were all set for the W, the Wales players were falling down like Madonna at the BRIT Awards – Stuart Lancaster really needs his linebackers to lock that down. Why did they go for the touchdown when the field goal would have taken it to overtime? Chris Rickshaw has some serious questions to answer.

It’s not all about accurate predictions though, it’s about how many of God’s creatures you could senselessly murder. Hey – if he didn’t want us to shoot them, he would have given then armour plate skin? And why would he have given me loads of money so I could afford to come over here and shoot them? The Lord truly works in mysterious ways.

After losing to Wales, the England Chariots may not even make the play offs of the World Series of Rugby. They need to beat the Australian Wallaroos to avoid elimination. That’s no easy task. Against Fiji, the Aussies may have looked about as convincing as Robert Downey Junior doing the Australian accent, but they ripped into the Uruguay Thundercats in their last game.

England and Australia have a long and turbulent history together. Kind of like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. In 1991, the Wallaroos beat the Chariots to win the World Cup in England. 12 years later, the Chariots won the World Cup in Australiand thanks to that dramatic Jonny Welkerson drop-punt. This game will be close, but I’ve got my sights set on a dubya for the Chariots. Keep going boys, roll all the way on to the play offs.

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